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February 12, 2018
Windows and Envelope R&D Opportunities Workshop
The Emerging Technologies program held a two-day workshop on “Windows and Envelope R&D Opportunities” on May 31 and June 1, 2017.
December 21, 2017
Energy Savings Potential and RD&D Opportunities for Commercial Building HVAC Systems
BTO commissioned this characterization and technology assessment of HVAC systems for commercial buildings.
November 28, 2017
R&D Opportunities for Membranes and Separation Technologies in Building Applications
This report recommends innovative membrane and separation technologies that can assist the Building Technologies Office in achieving its 2030 goal.
September 11, 2017
Benefit-Cost Evaluation of U.S. Department of Energy Investment in HVAC, Water Heating, and Appliance Technology
This study conducted a benefit-cost impact evaluation of the research and development activities of the Building Technologies Office on investments in
June 19, 2017
Impacts of Commercial Building Controls on Energy Savings and Peak Load Reduction
This study investigated the potential energy savings from implementation of 34 basic and advanced controls measures and eliminating common faults...
April 18, 2017
R&D to Market Success: BTO-Supported Technologies Commercialized from 2010-2015
The BTO Technology Commercialization report is an annual publication offering the latest information on successfully commercialized technologies.
December 16, 2016
Overview of Existing and Future Residential Use Cases for Connected Thermostats

This joint Emerging Technologies and Residential Buildings Integration report is intended to help inform future technology deployment opportunities...

November 17, 2016
Decision Science and Market Transformation Pathways: Workshop Report and Recommendations

This report is a result of the Decision Science and Market Transformation Pathways Workshop, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, the...

September 19, 2016
Alternative Refrigerant Evaluation for High-Ambient-Temperature Environments: R-22 and R-410A Alternatives for Rooftop Air Conditioners

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) High-Ambient-Temperature Evaluation Program for Low-Global Warming Potential (Low-GWP) Refrigerants aimed...

July 7, 2016
The Future of Air Conditioning for Buildings Report

This report characterizes the current landscape and trends in the global air conditioning (A/C) market, including discussion of both direct and...

June 21, 2016
Credit: Navigant
Energy Savings Potential and RD&D Opportunities for Commercial Building Appliances Report (2015 Update)

The Department of Energy commissioned a technology characterization and assessment of appliances used in commercial buildings for cooking, cleaning...

October 15, 2015
Alternative Refrigerant Evaluation for High-Ambient-Temperature Environments: R-22 and R-410A Alternatives for Mini-Split Air Conditioners

This publication is a final report for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s High-Ambient-Temperature Evaluation Program for Low Global Warming Potential...

October 9, 2015
Pump and Fan Technology Characterization and R&D Assessment

This report provides the Building Technologies Office (BTO) and the research and development (R&D) community with a technical and market...

October 2, 2015
Research & Development Opportunities for Joining Technologies in HVAC&R

This report identifies and characterizes R&D opportunities with HVAC&R joining technologies for the Building Technologies Office (BTO) to...

July 27, 2015
Development and Evaluation of a Sandia Cooler-based Refrigerator Condenser

This report describes the first design of a refrigerator condenser using the Sandia Cooler – an air-bearing supported rotating heat-sink impeller.

March 28, 2014
Buildings-to-Grid Technical Opportunities: Introduction and Vision
This report outlines the technical opportunities for building assets to seamlessly integrate and transact with grid operations.
March 18, 2014
Non-Vapor Compression HVAC Technologies Report
The conventional refrigerants used in vapor-compression equipment contribute to global climate change when released to the atmosphere.
February 24, 2014
Radial Sandia Cooler Report

This market assessment and commercialization report characterizes and assesses the market potential of the rotating heat exchanger technology...

February 24, 2014
Motor Energy Savings Potential Report

This report describes the current state of motor technology and estimates opportunities for energy savings through application of more advanced...

February 4, 2014
Research & Development Needs for Building-Integrated Solar Technologies

Building Integrated Solar Technologies (BIST) can help achieve the Building Technologies Office goal of reducing energy consumption in residential...

November 26, 2013
Residential Windows and Window Coverings: A Detailed View of the Installed Base and User Behavior

Includes information about the installed base of residential windows and window coverings, and the operation of window coverings by households.

November 25, 2013
Energy Savings from Window Attachments

This study presents energy-modeling results for a large number of window combinations with window attachments in typical residential buildings and...

October 1, 2012
Energy Savings Potential and RD&D Opportunities for Residential Building HVAC Systems

This report assesses 135 different heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) technologies for U.S. residential buildings to identify and...

September 7, 2011
Comparison of Real World Energy Consumption to Models and DOE Test Procedures

This study investigates the real-world energy performance of appliances and equipment as it compares with models and test procedures.

September 1, 2011
Energy Savings Potential and RD&D Opportunities for Commercial Building HVAC

This Building Technologies Office report assesses heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) technologies for U.S. commercial buildings to...