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March 30, 2017
Lucid Leverages DOE Tools and Small Business Program to Deliver Enhanced Energy Data Services
Oakland-based Lucid leveraged DOE’s Building Performance Database and Small Business Voucher program to develop a free energy benchmarking service.
March 29, 2017
SSL Manufacturing in America – Cree Inc.
Durham, N.C.-based Cree Inc., got its start in 1987 and has been working with LED technology pretty much ever since, so its growth and evolution re...
March 29, 2017
Building Energy Modeling 101: Inherent Performance Rating Use Case
A building’s inherent energy performance is attributed to the building itself rather than to weather, occupancy, or use.
March 21, 2017
ORNL Researcher Recognized for Innovation in Energy Efficiency
In 2017, Dr. Roderick Jackson from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), was awarded with an Innovator of the Year award at the Young, Gifted & Emp...
March 20, 2017
We've Got Energy Savings, Yes We Do. We’ve Got Water Savings, How About You?
Sports venues, often iconic community structures, are not only where our favorite teams compete, but also home to a new, emerging competition.
March 14, 2017
Building Energy Modeling 101: HVAC Design and Operation Use Case
A great deal of energy use in buildings goes toward heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC).
March 7, 2017
Tune-Ups: Servicing Buildings from the Roof, Down
Americans invest billions each year in real estate, but how much do they pay attention to protecting their investment? Many owners don’t know som...
March 3, 2017
New Research from NIST Identifies Research Needs for Alternative Refrigerants
Results from a new Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Office (BTO) funded study in the prestigious journal Nature Communications sugg...
March 2, 2017
Hawaii Says Aloha to Building Energy Savings

In December, members of Hawaii’s energy community—including Hawaii Energy and the Blue Planet Foundation—testified during the State Energy...

February 28, 2017
Building Energy Modeling 101: Architectural Design Use Case
Building energy modeling (BEM) is a tool that helps architects solve many of the complex problems they face during the design process.
January 17, 2017
simuwatt® Energy Auditor uses a software guided mobile workflow and cloud-based collaboration and analysis to reduce the cost of auditing and modeling existing commercial buildings by 25%. Developed with technical assistance from NREL, simuwatt® leverages DOE’s open-source modeling tools EnergyPlus and OpenStudio. Image: simuwatt.
simuwatt Relaunches Energy Auditor
After a successful Department of Defense (DoD) Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) prototype and pilot, Denver-based si...
January 12, 2017
Energy Department, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Recognize Corcoran Management Company's Canterbury Towers for Energy ...

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Better Buildings Challenge...

January 11, 2017
Energy Department Introduces New Financing Navigator for Energy Efficiency Projects

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is introducing a new, web-based financing navigator to help private and public sector organizations discover...

January 10, 2017
Low-energy building retrofit design is one of the key applications of energy modeling. This OpenStudio energy model was used to evaluate the conversion of a 1950s Army barracks to a zero net energy (ZNE) office building as part of the Fort Carson (CO) Energy Research Project. Credit: Matt Leach, NREL.
Building Energy Modeling 101: What Is It and What Is DOE’s Role?
Whole-Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is a versatile, multipurpose tool that is used in new building and retrofit design, code compliance, green cer...
January 5, 2017
Photo of a man switching on or off a light switch on a wall.
Energy Department Veteran Saves Electricity One Light Switch at a Time
Lighting makes up nearly 10% of the energy costs in our homes. But how many of us actually flip off that switch when leaving the room? Tien Nguyen ...
January 4, 2017
The Home Energy Score helps consumers know what to expect from their utility bills when buying or renting a home.
Portland, Oregon Becomes Second City to Adopt a Home Energy Score Policy

Similar to a car’s miles-per-gallon rating, the Energy Department’s Home Energy Score provides homeowners with valuable information about their...

January 3, 2017
EcoSnap-AC is a simple snap-together system—with indoor and outdoor components that snap together with a connection through a wall. EcoSnap-AC provides the convenience of a room air conditioner while delivering higher efficiency, reducing noise, improving aesthetics, and eliminating air leaks and water intrusion. | Photo by Dennis Schroeder/NREL
7 Award-Winning Clean Energy Inventions of 2016

When the R&D 100 Awards – also known as the “Oscars of Innovation” – were handed out, seven EERE-supported technologies invented by our...

December 22, 2016
This Holiday Season, Beware of “Miscellaneous” Scrooges

Miscellaneous electric loads (MELs) represent appliances, equipment, and devices that use electricity but don't contribute to a building’s core...

December 22, 2016
EERE Success Story—Sowing the Seeds for Improved Home Energy Efficiency in Florida
A common obstacle to accelerating American investment in home energy efficiency is the up-front cost of home energy upgrades and other sustainable ...
December 22, 2016
Finally, a Major Update from OpenStudio
End users may not notice big changes in OpenStudio 2.0.0, but the underlying development platform has been drastically revamped to make third-party ap
December 21, 2016
Connected Thermostats Offer Gateway for Increasing Energy Savings
A study found 45% of homeowners indicated they plan to install smart systems or devices as part of their home renovation projects.
December 14, 2016
Energy efficiency improvements like window replacements, insulation, air sealing, and ventilation upgrades can help ensure a home is high-performing, affordable, and healthy. Image courtesy of Home Energy Score.
Charting a Course to Healthier, High-Performance Homes
A home is intimately tied to the health and well-being of its residents.
December 14, 2016
Success Story: 2030 Districts Helps Small Commercial Businesses Save Money Through Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Launched by Architecture 2030, the 2030 Districts program focuses on supporting major metropolitan areas in their endeavors to work towards the...

December 13, 2016
Photo Courtesy | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
EERE Success Story—Aeroseal and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Develop Technology to Find and Fill Building Energy Leaks

Many residential and commercial buildings leak air like sieves, wasting up to 40% of their heating and cooling energy. The primary reason for this...

December 9, 2016
Photo of a hose spraying on a home.
Aerosol Envelope Sealing in New Construction
In this project, researchers sought to optimize the integration of aerosol enveloping-sealing technology into the construction process.