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December 8, 2016
DOE Launches Signature Partnership to Jump-Start Zero Energy Schools

On December 6, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the launch of a new partnership to jump-start zero energy schools across the country...

December 8, 2016
Insulation wall on an affordable house.
Integrated Design: A High-Performance Solution for Affordable Housing
This project developed low-cost, highly efficient comfort system designs to enable homes in two of the largest affordable housing market segments.
December 7, 2016
Image courtesy of NREL.
The New Energy Code for Commercial Buildings: Standard 90.1-2016
The recent publication of Standard 90.1-2016 marks the latest edition of the Standard.
December 6, 2016
EERE Success Story—L Prize™ Competition Drives LED Lighting Innovation, Energy Savings

As light-emitting diode (LED) performance continues to improve and prices continue to drop, adoption continues to increase. According to the latest...

December 6, 2016
Energy Department Launches Zero Energy Schools Accelerator

Six school districts & two states are among first aiming to make zero energy schools mainstream...

December 5, 2016
EERE Success Story—Energy Department Toolkits Help Businesses Save Money from Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The toolkit integrates new and existing technical tools that give small and medium commercial buildings the ability to analyze and evaluate...

November 30, 2016
Navy Vs. Air Force – the latest Better Buildings SWAP highlights federal leadership

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today launched season two of “Better Buildings Challenge SWAP,” featuring the U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Air...

November 28, 2016
A technician installs central air conditioning equipment. Image courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
Energy Department Hosts Workshop to Advance Residential HVAC Installation Best Practices

Over the past 25 years, substantial gains have been achieved in the energy efficiency of residential central air conditioners and heat pumps....

November 22, 2016
BTO Innovation Crowdsourcing JUMP Program Celebrates a Year of Successes
The JUMP program experienced a successful year of engagement and innovation in 2016, adding 12 industry partners, launching 13 calls for innovations,
November 21, 2016
Helping Businesses Achieve Energy Savings in Tenant Spaces

The returns on investment jump off the page like a 3D movie, ranging from 42% to a whopping 410%. They are the energy saving results from 10 pilot...

November 18, 2016
Updated Guidelines for Residential PACE Financing Programs

The Energy Department has updated Best Practice Guidelines for Residential PACE Financing Programs, which allow qualifying homeowners in states...

November 18, 2016
Health and Well-Being in the Built Environment

This year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo saw continuation of the “health and well-being” theme as related to the built environment...

November 17, 2016
LED patient room lighting system. Photo Courtesy|Philips Lighting Research North America
EERE Success Story—Tunable LED Patient-Room Lighting Offers Energy Efficiency and More

Healthcare accounts for 9% of the energy used in U.S. commercial buildings, and lighting represents the largest electricity use in all of...

November 17, 2016
MPG-Type Rating for Homes Accelerating Energy Savings for Homeowners—Over 50,000 Homes Scored

The Home Energy Score, which evaluates energy in a home similar to miles per gallon reports fuel efficiency in vehicles, has now issued more than...

November 17, 2016
A New Era for Energy Efficiency M&V

We know that measuring and verifying energy savings, affectionately known as M&V, is important. But, when you consider that 1-5% of total...

November 17, 2016
DOE Announces Webinars on Current Practices in Efficiency Financing and Accessing Incentives

EERE offers webinars to the public on a range of subjects, from adopting the latest energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, to...

November 16, 2016
Energy Department Announces Partnerships Under New Better Buildings Zero Energy Districts Accelerator to Develop More Sustainable Communi...

As a part of the Obama Administration's effort to cut energy waste in the nation's buildings and facilities, today the U.S. Department of Energy ...

November 14, 2016
Building Energy Code Compliance

After previously discussing what building codes are, how they are developed, and how they are adopted, we now explore the final, and perhaps most...

November 10, 2016
Building Technologies Recognized in Innovation Awards
Last week, four buildings projects supported by BTO or BTO key staff won R&D 100 Awards in recognition of their significant advances.
October 28, 2016
A Fresh New Look for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR has updated and enhanced its tools and resources to better guide homeowners down a pathway to improved comfort...

October 27, 2016
Four females addressing an audience at the front of a meeting room, with a projection screen off to the side. Three females are sitting at the long table, and the fourth is standing at a lectern.
Myth-Busting Barriers Associated with Plug Load Controls
Plug and process loads (PPLs) consume about one-third of primary energy in U.S. commercial buildings.
October 27, 2016
Small Businesses, Big Opportunities: Advancing Building Energy Efficiency through Public-Private Collaboration
Small businesses are a vital part of America’s growing economy, but they face many challenges bringing their innovative ideas to market.
October 26, 2016
Who’s Who: The Emerging Technologies Fellows
Fellows in the Emerging Technologies program of BTO are the Energy Department’s next generation of engine...
October 25, 2016
Energy Department Recognizes University of California, Berkeley For Leadership in Campus-Wide Energy Innovations

As part of the Obama Administration’s effort to cut energy waste in the nation’s university buildings and facilities, today the Energy Department’s...

October 24, 2016
BEDES Adoption Continues to Grow and New Version Released
In order to consistently exchange information on building characteristics and energy use data between tools and databases, several organizations ha...