Compact fluorescent, light-emitting diode, and energy-saving incandescent light bulbs. | Image by Dennis Schroeder/NREL 19469

The Building Technologies Office conducted a healthcare energy end-use monitoring project in partnership with two hospitals. Here areĀ a few highlights from monitoring lighting and other electric loads.

Lighting and Other Electric Loads at the Gray Building

For the Massachusetts General Hospital Gray Building, directly metered electric loads (fans, pumps, chillers, elevators, medical imaging) were subtracted from the total whole-building electric load to determine the energy used by lighting and other electric loads (e.g., plug loads). The annual site energy use intensity (EUI) for lighting and other electric loads (combined) was 86.2 kBtu/ft2-yr.

Lighting at the East Wing

Lighting was directly submetered at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University East Wing, where the annual site EUI for lighting was 28.9 kBtu/ft2-yr.

Read the full report, Healthcare Energy End-Use Monitoring, for more information.