The U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) transportation biofuels research aims to accelerate the production of climate-friendly, sustainable fuels capable of decarbonizing heavy modes of transportation. Made from widely available domestic feedstocks and advanced refining technologies, energy-dense biofuels provide a pathway for lowering greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation and maritime sectors while invigorating the bioeconomy.

beto aviation marine biofuel infographic

Transportation Biofuels Portfolio

a image of a jet refueling at an airport.

BETO advances sustainable aviation fuels through research and development in the areas of feedstocks, fuel conversion, and scale-up.

A giant container ship loaded with many goods is brought into a large port by tug boats.

BETO invests in research, development, and demonstration of low- and net-zero-carbon sustainable marine fuels to help decarbonize even the largest seagoing vessels.