The U.S. Department of Energy's Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted its 2023 Project Peer Review on April 3‒7, 2023. The presentations from the Carbon Dioxide Utilization session are available to view below. For more information, including a complete schedule, view the 2023 Project Peer Review Agenda.

Carbon Dioxide Utilization




Technology Area Introduction

Ian Rowe


CO2 Consortium Project Management

Michael Resch

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Feasibility Study of Utilizing Electricity to Produce Intermediates from CO2

Gary Grim

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Market, Resources, and Environmental and Energy Justice of CO2-to-Fuels Technologies

Ella Zhou

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Economics and Sustainability of CO2 Utilization Technologies with TEA and LCA

Michael Wang

Argonne National Laboratory

Electrocatalytic CO2 Utilization

Jack Ferrell

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

An efficient, scalable process for the electrochemical reduction of CO2 to formate

KC Neyerlin

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Electrode and Membrane Materials for CO2 Electrolyzers A Molecular Approach

Ksenia Glusac

Argonne National Laboratory

Integration of CO2 Electrolysis with Microbial Syngas Upgrading

Michael Resch

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Bioconversion of Syngas from Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to SAF

Eric Sundstrom

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Biological conversion of formic acid for CO2-to-Fuels

Christopher Johnson

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

CO2 valorization via rewiring carbon metabolic network

Wei Xiong

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Multiphysics CFD for design and scale-up of gas bioreactors

Hari Sitaraman

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Production Of Bioproducts from Electrochemically-Generated C1 Intermediates

Jason Bromley


Development of a scalable, robust electrocatalytic technology for conversion of CO2 to formic acid via microstructured materials

Lee Spangler

Montana State University

Integrating Chemical Catalysis and Biological Conversion of Carbon Intermediates for Deriving Value Added Products from Carbon Dioxide

Michael Betenbaugh

Johns Hopkins University

Electrolyzers For CO2 Conversion from BioSources

Rich Masel

Dioxide Materials

PEM CO2 Electrolyzer Scaleup to enable MW-Scale Electrochemical Modules

Sadia Kabir


Electrochemical Production of Formic Acid from Carbon Dioxide in Solid Electrolytes

Feng Jiao

University of Delaware