Learn energy-saving strategies from leading manufacturing companies and energy experts. The presentations are organized below by topic area. In addition, industrial energy managers, utilities, and energy management professionals can find no-cost software tools, training (including online training), and technical publications. For presentations from workshops on R&D and Facilities activities, please review the workshop materials.

Energy Management

How to Become a Certified Practitioner and Certified Energy Manager
What the World's GREATEST Energy Managers Do Differently
Making Energy Efficiency Part of Corporate Culture
Introduction to an Energy Management System
Superior Energy Performance: Getting the Most Value from ISO 50001
Implementing a Corporate Energy Management System (includes audio file)

Get Started

Planning for an Energy Management System
Role of an Energy Manager (includes audio file)
Preparing for Project Implementation before an Energy Assessment
Creating a Climate for Successful Project Implementation

Profile Your Energy Situation

The Do and Check Processes of an Energy Management System
Key Energy-Saving Projects for Smaller Facilities (includes Q&A)
Preparing for Project Implementation during an Energy Assessment
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Efficiency
Energy Assessment Results: Most Commonly Identified Recommendations
Top Low- or No-Cost Improvements
MotorMaster+ Tool
Quick PEP Tool Demonstration
Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool
Pump System Assessment Tool
Fan System Assessment Tool
AIRMaster+ Tool
Measuring and Improving Boiler Efficiency

Create a Plan

Achieving Total Employee Engagement in Energy Efficiency (includes audio file)
Preparing for Project Implementation after an Energy Assessment

Finance and Implement

Tax Rebates/Credits Available for Energy Efficiency Actions (includes Q&A)
Unveiling the Implementation Guide
Securing Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency Projects: How to Create Corporate Support (includes Q&A)
Establishing & Maintaining a Strategic Partnership with the Chief Financial Officer (includes Q&A)
"Just do it (replicate)" with Plans, Tools, and Resources
Sell Management on Replication and Build a Network
Replicate Best Practices
Energy Efficiency Projects: Overcoming Internal Barriers to Implementation (includes audio file)
Financing Project Implementation
Having Plant Management Announce "the Prize"
Motivating Employees to Implement Projects
Providing Resources for Implementation
Assigning Accountability
From Shop Floor to Top Floor: Best Business Practices in Energy Efficiency
Project Financing: From Identification to Implementation

Measure Progress and Results

Energy Performance Indicator Version 3.0 (EnPI 3.0) Demonstration
Determine and Communicate the Value of Replication
Providing Rewards and Recognition
Communicating Accomplishments to all Stakeholders
Measuring Energy Achievements

Reassess to Achieve Continuous Improvement

Build Replication into Corporate Culture

CHP and Waste Heat

CHP: Enabling Resilient Energy Infrastructure
Waste Heat Management Options for Improving Industrial Process Heating Systems
Combined Heat and Power: Is It Right For Your Facility?

Engaging External Stakeholders

Engaging Supply Chains in Energy Management (includes Q&A)
Regional Energy Efficiency Programs

Engaging Utilities

Public Relations for Energy Sustainability - A Framework for Engaging Your Stakeholders Productively Around New Energy Projects
Industrial Customer Perspectives on Utility Energy Efficiency Programs
Electric Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

New and Emerging Technologies

Using Wireless Technology to Reduce Facility Energy Usage

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Dec 07
AMO Water and Wastewater RD&D Workshop Series 1:00 PM Dec 7 to 5:00 PM Dec 16 EST
Dec 07
AMO Water and Wastewater RD&D Workshop Series 1:00 PM Dec 7 to 5:00 PM Dec 16 EST

SEE Action IEE/CHP Webinars

Learn how to advance energy efficiency policies and programs, remove barriers, and grow state and local investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) and CHP. These webinars are provided by the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network's (SEE Action) IEE/CHP Working Group.

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