Find sourcebooks, tip sheets, technical fact sheets, market assessments, case studies, and topical presentations to help your plant improve energy efficiency. Technical publications are available for the energy systems listed on the right. The publication types are described below. Also review our databases.

Technical Publications

Technical Publications include Sourcebooks, Handbooks, Market Assessments, and other technical documents.

  • Sourcebooks give the detailed technical information necessary for comprehensive understanding of energy system components, including how to analyze facility needs, optimize performance, and identify and implement energy efficiency and productivity improvements. Available for: compressed air, fans, motors, process heating, pumps, and steam.
  • Handbooks provide the detailed information necessary to assess and squeeze the greatest efficiency out of industrial systems. They provide hands-on advice for engineers and equipment operators. Available for: CHP, compressed air, motors, process heating, pumps, and steam.
  • Market assessments describe the state of the market for industrial systems, components, and energy efficiency services; customer awareness of and desire for efficient systems; and the potential market for more efficient technology. Available for: CHP, compressed air, motors, and steam.

Tip Sheets

Two-page tip sheets give engineers and equipment operators advice to quickly make improvements. Learn how to determine air-fuel ratios for burners, evaluate adjustable speed drive efficiency, inspect and repair steam traps, benchmark fuel costs, and handle other system efficiency issues. Available for: compressed air, motors, process heating, pumps, and steam.

Case Studies

Case studies document the energy savings achieved by large manufacturing companies using AMO's software tools, other technical publications, and best practices.


Webinars (2007- 2012)

Leading manufacturing companies and energy experts cover a range of topics that can help plant staff learn energy-saving strategies.

Additional Resources

Visit the Publication and Product Library to access hundreds of information products on manufacturing or industrial technologies and learn more about energy savings opportunities. You can browse by topic or search by product category, alphabetically or by key word or phrase. You can view, or download most documents.

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