The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) hosted a workshop, co-sponsored by the Materials for Energy and Sustainable Development Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), on the next steps for their respective programs in discovery and process design of advanced energy materials. 

The Federal Government has made substantial investment in infrastructure to enable materials discovery and design, including advanced simulation tools, algorithms, software, data analysis, and experimental techniques. AMO and NIST are interested in leveraging these federal investments to propel the science of materials discovery and design forward. AMO is interested in moving applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning beyond materials design and discovery to process design and development in order to incorporate materials processing and manufacturing factors. NIST would like to develop and deploy a federated network of high-throughput experimental tools, which are integrated with a materials data infrastructure in order to accelerate the development of new, advanced materials.

Over the course of the workshop attendees contributed their ideas through participation in one of four breakout sessions: Priorities in Energy Materials R&D; Database Infrastructure Needs; Expansion of the Collaboratory Network; and Integration of AI, ML, and Experimentation. Information from this workshop will be used to determine how best to coordinate next steps and efficiently leverage the ongoing research in advanced materials conducted in academia, industry, and government research laboratories. 

The workshop summary report and presentations are available below to view and download. Please direct any questions or comments you may have to Brian Valentine (

Multi-Agency Multi-Year Program Plan in Advanced Energy Materials Discovery Development and Process Design: Workshop Summary Report
AMO NIST Workshop Agenda
Summary of Findings: 2017 Workshop on AI Applied to Materials Discovery and Design_B Valentine
Summary of Findings: 2018 NIST Workshop on HTEMC_M Green
AMO Overview_Innovations in Manufacturing and Energy_R Ivester
Moving Applications of AI and ML from Materials Design Discovery thru Process Design Development_B Valentine
Summary of Findings_2018 Mission Innovation Workshop on Accelerating Advanced Energy Materials Discovery_J Schrier
Materials Discovery at Solvay_J Delannoy