Left: advanced Protected Lithium Electrodes. Right: RApid Freeform sheet metal Forming Technology (RAFFT).

R&D Projects support the development of a wide range of processes and technologies, including (left) development of a manufacturing process for, and commercialization of, advanced Protected Lithium Electrodes (image courtesy of PolyPlus Battery Company); and (right) the design, build, and commissioning of a RApid Freeform sheet metal Forming Technology (RAFFT) that eliminates stamping and forming dies that will enable rapid prototyping for vehicle parts (image courtesy of Ford Motor Company).


U. S. industry consumes approximately 30 quadrillion Btu (quads) of energy per year, which is almost one third of all energy used in the United States. Solutions that increase energy productivity (output per unit of energy used) within industry are needed to ensure that U.S. producers lead the world in modern production technologies. Innovative manufacturing process technologies and materials can help reinvigorate existing manufacturing industries while supporting the growth and development of clean energy technologies and new industries in the United States. 

R&D projects support the development of innovative manufacturing processes and materials technologies to advance the clean energy economy by:

  • Increasing industrial and manufacturing energy efficiency
  • Delivering the breakthroughs that the nation needs to significantly reduce energy and carbon intensity throughout the economy over the coming decades
  • Revitalizing existing manufacturing industries and supporting the development of new products in emerging industries

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