The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies program area (AMMT) researches, develops, and demonstrates next-generation materials and manufacturing technologies needed to increase U.S. industrial competitiveness and to drive economy-wide decarbonization. AMMT supports the national plan to revitalize American manufacturing, secure critical supply chains, and develop diverse innovation ecosystems leading to new manufacturing jobs and increased economic strength of the nation. AMMT provides planning, management, and direction necessary for a balanced program of research, development, demonstration, technical assistance, and workforce development to support domestic manufacturing that is critical to achieving a clean, decarbonized economy.

Activity Areas

Next Generation Materials & Processes

AMMT focuses on accelerating foundational, cross-cutting clean energy materials and manufacturing process technologies across the Department’s mission areas that increase the competitiveness of a secure, domestic supply chain.

Secure and Sustainable Materials

AMMT focuses on activities that are intended to ensure secure and sustainable supply chains for the clean economy.

Energy Technology Manufacturing & Workforce

AMMT focuses on research, development, and demonstration for innovative manufacturing that advance the clean energy economy, such as energy storage systems and wide bandgap power semiconductors.

News & Success Stories

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