What types of opportunities and resources are included on DOE STEM?

All opportunities and resources found on DOE STEM are sponsored and/or developed by the Department of Energy.

The DOE STEM site offers opportunities for individuals to apply to directly and for institutions to apply for to establish a program for STEM training or workforce development.

Resources on the site are publicly available and tied to a standard, such as AP or NGSS standards for K-12 resources, and certification standards for technical certifications.

The opportunities and resources tables are updated regularly, so visit us often to discover new activities!

How do I get my organization's STEM opportunities and resources posted on DOE STEM?

All opportunities and resources found on DOE STEM are sponsored and/or developed by the Department of Energy. Opportunities or resources are communicated internally by DOE Program Office staff.

If your organization has a DOE-sponsored program or resource that should be included on the site, please contact the relevant DOE Program Office. If you are unsure of the appropriate Program Office to contact, or unsure if your opportunity or resource meets the criteria, contact us!

How do I learn more about what STEM training and educational opportunities are available to me?

STEM training and educational opportunities are collected in the searchable opportunities table. Use the search bar to search for keywords or specific program names, or use the filters to conduct a broader search of opportunities that fit your interest. Clicking on a specific program’s link will take you to the program’s page where you will find more information and the necessary application(s).

You can also explore training and education opportunities hosted by specific DOE Program Offices on the DOE Program Office STEM Information page. Selecting a Program Office will lead you to more information about their STEM opportunities and resources.

I am a K-12 educator looking for DOE STEM content to include in my lesson plans. Where can I find that information?

K-12 educational resources and lesson plan materials can be found in the searchable resources table. Selecting the “Education Resource/ Lesson Plans” filter under Resource Type will return all lesson plans that are available through DOE STEM.

Selecting more filters, such as Target Audience and STEM Discipline, will narrow the search to help you find resources to fit your classroom needs. Science Project Starters and Virtual Field Trip resources are also available in the resources table!

How can I request funding from DOE to create a STEM training program?

Funding opportunities for creating a STEM training programs can be found in the searchable opportunities table. Selecting the “Grants for Institutional STEM Traineeship Program” filter under Opportunity Type will return all funding opportunities for institutions to establish new STEM training programs.

How can I request a DOE speaker to come to my school event?

Although DOE STEM does not currently host outreach activities to external organizations, speakers from specific DOE Program Offices do attend public events. You may contact the Program Office directly to request a speaker for your school’s or organization’s event. See a full list of DOE Program Offices.

Can I use the DOE STEM logo?

Yes! See the Logo and Use Guidelines page for DOE STEM logo downloads and usage policies.

How do I follow DOE STEM on social media?

You can engage with DOE STEM on social media by following #DOESTEM. Official DOE Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts will use #DOESTEM on STEM engagement-related posts. DOE Offices, National Laboratories, and stakeholders are encouraged to use #DOESTEM on their social media accounts as well when posting about STEM engagement and educational opportunities.

Follow #DOESTEM to stay up-to-date on DOE’s STEM news and opportunities!

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

You can contact DOE STEM, or send an email to doe.stem@hq.doe.gov. We look forward to hearing from you!