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The CIO defines IT processes and policies using the Common Baseline for IT Management, consistent with OMB M-15-14. Access policy documents from the list below:

DOE O 200.1AInformation Technology ManagementJan 13, 2017Implementation guidance
DOE O 200.2Information Collection Management ProgramOct 11, 2006Implementation guidance
DOE O 203.1Limited Personal Use of Government Office Equipment including Information TechnologyJan 7, 2005Implementation guidance
DOE O 203.2Mobile Technology ManagementMay 15, 2014Guidance: Federal mobile technology management / employee use of government and personally-owned mobile devices / requirements for User Agreements
DOE O 415.1 Admin Chg 1Information Technology Project ManagementJan 17, 2017Guidance: acquisition and management of IT projects, investments, and initiatives
DOE O 243.1B Admin Chg 1Records Management ProgramMar 11, 2013The order sets forth requirements and responsibilities for creating and preserving records of DOE organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures and essential transactions and information necessary to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and persons directly affected by DOE activities
DOE O 206.1Department of Energy Privacy ProgramNov 1, 2018Guidance: ensure compliance with privacy requirements
DOE O 206.2Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM)Feb 19, 2013

To establish requirements and responsibilities for DOE identity, credential, and access management program

DOE O 205.1CDepartment of Energy Cyber Security Program May 15, 2019To enable accomplishment of the Department’s mission and fulfill Federal cybersecurity requirements while allowing Departmental Elements (DEs) programmatic and operational flexibility, enhancing risk management, enabling effective implementation, delegating risk management to the lowest appropriate level, addressing roles and responsibilities, and setting standards for performance across all levels of the Department.
DOE G 242.1-1Forms Management GuideMay 08, 2000For use with DOE O 200.1

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DOE Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) Common Baseline Implementation Plan and Self-Assessment

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