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Administrative Records Schedules NOTE: Most of the files below are in PDF, you will need Acrobat® Reader™ to view these files.

ScheduleTitleDate Last ChangedAuthorization Number
1Personnel Records MAR 2020
2Payroll & Pay Administration RecordsMAR 2020
3Procurement, Supply, and Grant Records (pdf)MAR 2020
4Property Disposal Records (pdf)MAR 2020
5Budget Preparation, Presentation and Apportionment Records (pdf)MAR 2020
6Accountable Officers' Accounts Records (pdf)MAR 2020
7Expenditure Accounting RecordsMAR 2020
8Stores, Plants and Cost Accounting RecordsMAR 2020
9Travel & Transportation Records (pdf)MAR 2020
10Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Operations RecordsMAR 2020
11Space & Maintenance Records (pdf) - Current GRS AuthoritiesMAR 2020
12Communications Records (pdf) - Current GRS AuthoritiesMAR 2020
13Printing, Binding, Duplication & Distribution RecordsMAR 2020
14Informational Services Records (pdf)MAR 2020
15Housing RecordsMAR 2020
16Administrative Management Records (pdf)MAR 2020
17Cartographic, Aerial Photography,
Architectural & Engineering Records (pdf)
MAR 2020
18Security, Emergency Planning & Safety Records (pdf)MAR 2020

Electronic Records (pdf)

MAR 2020
21Audiovisual Records (pdf)MAR 2020
22Audit / Investigation Records (pdf)MAR 2020
23Records Common to Most Offices (pdf)MAR 2020
24Information Technology Operation and ManagementMAR 2020
25Ethics Program RecordsMAR 2020
26Temporary Commission’s, Boards, Councils & CommitteesMAR 2020
27Records of the Chief Information OfficeMAR 2020