The following documents reflect the FY 2015 Department of Energy's Budget Request to Congress:

Summary Budget Documents

  • Budget Highlights - A high-level narrative summarization of the Department's budget request
  • Summary Table - A short summarization of the request by appropriation account and by first tier organization
  • Control Tables - A longer summarization of the request at the decision unit level available in order by appropriation account or in first tier organization order
  • Statistical Table - Shows the budget request at the level at which Congress controls our spending and is more detailed than the Control table by appropriation account and by first tier organization
  • Laboratory Table - Summarizes funding by decision unit and by the laboratories at which DOE does work
  • State Table - Summarizes funding by decision unit and by each State at which DOE does work

Detailed Budget Justifications - Energy and Water Development Appropriations

  • Volume 1
    • National Nuclear Security Administration
    • Weapons Activities
    • Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation
    • Naval Reactors
      Federal Salaries and Expenses
  • Volume 2
    • Other Defense Activities
    • Departmental Administration
    • Inspector General
    • Working Capital Fund
    • Crosscutting Activities
    • Pensions
  • Volume 3
    • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    • Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Fossil Energy Research and Development
    • Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves
    • Strategic Petroleum Reserve
    • Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserves
    • Ultra-Deepwater Unconventional Natural Gas
    • Clean Coal Technology
    • Elk Hills School Lands Fund
    • Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program
    • Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program
    • Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs
    • Energy Information Administration
  • Volume 4
    • Science
    • Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)
  • Volume 5
    • Environmental Management
  • Volume 6
    • Southeastern Power Administration
    • Southwestern Power Administration
    • Western Area Power Administration
    • Bonneville Power Administration