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The Nation continues to grow increasingly reliant on a system of strong and networked infrastructure that leads to strong communication, innovation, and cooperation nationwide. This ever-growing interconnection also increases vulnerability to malicious activity, malfunction, human error, and acts of nature, which place the Nation and its people at risk. The responsibility of responding to cyber events that jeopardize this infrastructure network is shared among individuals, organizations, and the government.

Presidential Policy Directive 41 outlines the Federal Government’s response to any cyber incident. PPD 41 outlines whether the Federal Government engages public or private responses in the event of an incident. In responding to cyber incidents, Federal agencies shall undertake three concurrent lines of effort: threat response, asset response, and intelligence support and related activities.

PPD 41 outlines the principles that guide Federal incident response:

  1. Shared responsibility
  2. Risk-based response
  3. Respecting affected entities
  4. Unity of governmental effort
  5. Enabling restoration and recovery

This directive also outlines the Sector-Specific Agency responsible for coordinating various aspects of national and field-level operations.




Presidential Policy Directive -- United States Cyber Incident Coordination

Presidential Policy Directive 41 outlines the U.S. Department of Energy as the Sector-Specific Agency for critical energy infrastructure. This means that U.S. DOE and CESER are responsible for the coordination of the Energy Sector response at a national level during emergency events. U.S. DOE and CESER also are responsible for ensuring that field-level representatives are placed and are able to coordinate a response to threat events with the individual entities affected.



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