DOE has established emergency procedures to respond to incidents affecting DOE HQ facilities, personnel, and/or operations in the National Capital Region to ensure the safety and security of its employees, guests, and visitors.

All of these documents are only available to computers attached to the DOE Network.  They are for use only by DOE Headquarters employees.  Any computer not on the DOE Network will get an error message when trying to access one of the documents.

Headquarters Emergency Procedures Pamphlets

Building Evacuation Routes and Assembly Areas

Posted here are the building evacuation routes of DOE Headquarters' buildings, and their Assembly Areas.  The Forrestal and Germantown diagrams are generic floor plans that do not represent any one area and can be used for identifying your specific evacuation route and posting on the back of your door. The 950 and 955 L'Enfant Plaza files have floor-specific diagrams. All questions go to 202-586-9537/7949/7959.

Voluntary Employee Self Identification for Assistance During an Emergency Form

This form is to be used by persons who expect that they will need assistance during an emergency. The purpose of this form is to help Program Office supervisors and the Headquarters (HQ) Incident Management Team (IMT) ensure that plans are in place to assist persons with temporary or permanent access and/or functional needs during an emergency.

Voluntary Employee Self Identification Form - see the Individuals Requiring Assistance section, DOE Internal Access Only

Completion of this form is voluntary.

Occupant Emergency Plans (OEP's) for Headquarters Buildings

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