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Secretary Rick Perry Visits Berkeley Lab
Watch highlights from Secretary Perry's visit to Berkley Lab. 

The Energy Department’s amazing network of 17 National Laboratories are spread throughout our great nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific so it can be a quite a challenge to visit each one. However, our leadership is up to the task!

For instance, Secretary Perry recently trekked to California for a whirlwind tour of National Labs in the Bay Area including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Berkeley Lab, Sandia National Labs’ California campus, and SLAC Lab. The Secretary checked out the world’s largest laser, saw some of the most powerful supercomputers on the planet, and peeked at X-ray tech that fires 120 pulses per second.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Visits SLAC
Secretary Perry visits SLAC Lab, home to the world's longest linear accelerator. 

Back east, Deputy Secretary Dan Brouillette visited Savannah River National Laboratory in South Carolina to learn about its important work related to environmental cleanup and energy science.

Dan Brouillette, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, visits Savannah River National Lab
Deputy Secretary Dan Brouillette visits Savannah River National Lab. 

Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes went to Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, touring the High Flux Isotope Reactor, one of America’s leading facilities for making medical, industrial, and research isotopes. 

Undersecretary Menezes visits Oak Ridge National Lab
Under Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes (left) visits Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar headed to the heartland, witnessing innovative materials research at Ames National Laboratory in Iowa.

Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar visits Ames National Laboratory
Under Secretary for Science Paul Dabbar (right) visits Ames National Laboratory. 

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