Saving Water Through Behavior Changing Technologies at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, IL - April 29 - 30, 2015

This workshop will bring together experts in water efficiency, behavioral sciences, design, engineering, and other fields, along with commercial developers, and other who can significantly contribute to the design, development and dissemination of behavior-impacting technologies that reduce water consumption for buildings.

Waste-to-Energy Roapmapping Workshop in Arlington, VA - November 5, 2014

The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) at the Department of Energy aims to identify and address key technical barriers to the commercial deployment of liquid transportation fuels from waste feedstocks. Workshop participants will join facilitated breakout sessions to discuss anaerobic digestion, hydrothermal liquefaction, and other processes that make productive use of wastewater residuals, biosolids, foodstuffs, and organic municipal solid waste.

Quadrennial Energy Review Public Meeting in San Francisco, CA - June 19, 2014

The meeting was held for the public to comment on how the water-energy nexus could be incorporated into the Quadrennial Energy Review.