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“The Department of Energy opened its doors today,” declared the Department’s first press release on October 1, 1977. Dr. James R. Schlesinger, the first Secretary of Energy, marked the event by unveiling the signplate at the temporary headquarters located at 736 Jackson Place on the west side of Lafayette Park across from the White House. Forty years on, the Energy Department remains one of the most interesting and diverse agencies in the federal government. 

Podcast: Energy @ 40

Our longest-serving employee talks about what it's like working at the Energy Department. 

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This Is Energy (U.S. Department of Energy)
Energy, science, security. For the past 40 years, it's what we've been doing, for you. #ThisIsEnergy
A Brief History of the Department of Energy
Key milestones in the Energy Department's history. 
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40 Years of Research Milestones
View 40 years of research milestones from the Energy Department's Office of Science. 
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History Timeline
View a timeline of events leading up to the Energy Department's founding and beyond. 
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The Energy Department at Day One

Read a recap of the first day at the Energy Department by the agency's historian. 

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#Energy40 Tweets
See what Twitter is saying about the Energy Department's 40th anniversary! 
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