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The Department of Energy (DOE) invests billions of dollars per year in its National Laboratory system, a global leader in scientific research. The Office of Technology Transitions (OTT) designed the InnovationXLab series in collaboration with the Labs to expand the commercial impact of the substantial investment in the National Lab innovation portfolio.

InnovationXLab summits facilitate a two-way exchange of information and ideas between industry, universities, manufacturers, investors, and end-use customers with innovators and experts from across the National Labs and broader DOE R&D complex.

InnovationXLab summits:

  • Catalyze public-private partnerships and commercial hand-offs utilizing DOE’s extensive assets: technology, intellectual property, facilities, and world-leading scientists and researchers.
  • Engage the private sector to ensure DOE understands industry’s technical needs, risk appetite, and investment criteria, thereby incorporating “market pull” into DOE’s portfolio planning.
  • Inform DOE R&D planning to increase commercialization possibilities.

InnovationXLab Summits are not dense technical workshops, but enable connections and commercialization opportunities at the decision-maker level. They highlight promising technologies from across all 17 DOE National Labs.

Upcoming InnovationXLab Summits:

Stay tuned for updates on the next InnovationXLab Summit!

Previous InnovationXLab Summits:

CarbonX (October 21-22, 2020)


Virtual Event

Hosted by National Energy Technology Laboratory

Recap coming soon!

Quantum Information Science & Technology (October 7-8, 2020)

Quantum Information Science & Technology

Virtual Event

Hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory

Recap coming soon!

Biomanufacturing (January 28-29, 2020)

InnovationXLab Biomanufacturing Summit

Berkeley, CA

Hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), the event brought together experts for an exchange of ideas across the biomanufacturing landscape – from synthetic biology, bioenergy, bioplastics and other materials, foods, agriculture, and bio-based therapeutics.

Biomanufacturing Banner

Video Recap

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Artificial Intelligence (October 2-3, 2019)

InnovationXLab Artificial Intelligence Summit

Chicago, Illinois

Hosted by Argonne National Laboratory, the event convened industry leaders from the energy, transportation, manufacturing, and health care sectors, public officials, and researchers from the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories, to discuss how advanced artificial intelligence tools and techniques can support business transformation and drive economic growth.


Artificial Intelligence Summit

Video Recap

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Advanced Manufacturing (May 7-8, 2019)

InnovationXLab Advanced Manufacturing Summit

Oak Ridge, TN

Hosted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the summit brought together thought leaders and industry stakeholders to explore new solutions to manufacturing challenges and opportunities.


InnovationXLab Advanced Manufacturing banner

Video Recap

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Grid Modernization (January 24-25, 2019)

InnovationXLab Grid Modernization Summit

Seattle, Washington

Hosted by Pacfific Northwest National Laboratory, the summit joined together industry thought leaders, stakeholders and colleagues who are working on the biggest challenges of grid modernization using the latest technologies.

InnovationXLab Grid Modernization banner
Energy Storage (September 18-19, 2018)

InnovationXLab Energy Storage Summit

Menlo Park, California

Hosted by SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the first InnovationXLab Summit saw expert panels discuss how energy storage is one of the biggest challenges to unlocking the potential from the next generation of transportation and electricity grid technologies.

InnovationXLab Energy Storage banner

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