ArcticX Explored Challenges, Opportunities To Unleash Energy Innovation

ArcticX was an InnovationXLab series exploring the Arctic's largely untapped potential to serve as a living laboratory of clean energy innovation.

Co-hosted by the Office of Technology Transitions and the Arctic Energy Office, ArcticX showcased U.S. leadership in energy innovation and commercialization. It also highlighted the resourcefulness and resilience that define this traditionally underserved but strategically important region. 

North to the Future of Energy

The series of events brought together diverse Arctic stakeholders, including Alaska Natives, with industry entrepreneurs, university and laboratory researchers, and government leaders to:

  • Discuss energy challenges, innovative solutions, and technology deployment opportunities 
  • Further existing energy projects 
  • Learn about funding opportunities
  • Hear from organizations advancing clean energy in the Arctic
  • Network with other Arctic stakeholders and visit key places in Alaska
  • Explore Arctic energy transition pathways

The ArcticX series kicked off virtually and webinars in November, January, and April attracted over 1,000 attendees. We featured presentations from Energy Secretary Granholm, Secretary of Interior Haaland, and Deputy Secretary of Energy Turk alongside 15+ panelists with boots on-the-ground experience. Read more about them on our blog.