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The Department of Energy (DOE) continues to play an instrumental role advancing U.S. leadership on the global quantum stage. The Department has made it a priority to utilize the incredible  resources and facilities across the DOE National Laboratory complex, and work along U.S. stakeholders from academia, industry, and government to progress new quantum technologies across sectors. Prompted by the National Quantum Initiative Act, critical steps are being taken each and every day at the Department to advance quantum science, as recently unveiled in DOE's Quantum Internet Blueprint. This multi-lab, multi-institution effort, will expand our quantum capabilities and ensure America is at the forefront of this emerging technology sector.

DOE Quantum Resources

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OTT Quantum Spotlight Report

This OTT spotlight showcases DOE's efforts in the arena of Quantum Information Science & Technology, highlighting significant public-private engagements, DOE programs, and funding opportunities designed to keep America at the fore of this rapidly developing suite of technologies.

Download the report HERE.



Lab Partnering Service

DOE's Lab Partnering Service (LPS) has curated a subdomain for Quantum Information Science & Technology. To learn more about QIST experts, technologies, facilities, and success stories across the National Labs, click HERE.

Quantum InnovationxLab Virtual Series

As a prelude to the InnovationXLab Quantum Information Science & Technology Summit, OTT and Brookhaven Lab coordinated the Quantum InnovationXLab Virtual Series, a group of webinars covering the many diverse applications of quantum science and technology across sectors. Speakers included DOE Under Secretary for Science Paul M. Dabbar, DOE Director of Science Dr. Chris Fall, and Deputy Secretary of Energy Mark W. Menezes, as well as a myriad of distinguished panelists.

Follow the link HERE to watch the series.

DOE Office of Science

Click HERE to learn more about DOE’s Office of Science efforts in Quantum Information Science (QIS).

Recent DOE Quantum News: