The Office of Technology Transitions fosters programs and initiatives that guide interactions between the Department, DOE’s National Laboratories, and the private sector in collaborative research, strategic partnerships, facilities access, and technology transfer. 

We take a thorough approach to examining existing programs and practices, conducting analysis of areas of need and additional focus, and proposing new programs and mechanisms to enhance the impact of DOE investments.  

The InnovationXLab series is a showcase of the remarkable assets and capabilities of the Department’s 17 National Laboratories. Each event provides a two-way exchange of information and ideas between industry, universities, investors, and end-use customers with Lab innovators and experts. The series enables commercialization opportunities at the decision-maker level by highlighting promising technologies and user facilities from across the National Lab complex.

An additional responsibility for the office is coordination of the statutorily mandated Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF). The TCF is a nearly $30 million funding opportunity that leverages the R&D funding in DOE’s applied energy programs to mature promising energy technologies. These funds are matched with funds from private partners to advance projects that can have commercial impact.

Last but not least, OTT runs the highly regarded Energy I-Corps program. Energy I-Corps is a two-month entrepreneurship program that helps train lab researchers to better understand and address industry engagement and market awareness to find more viable pathways for their technologies.