Southwestern accepts requests from wholesale entities for interconnection to Southwestern’s transmission system in accordance with Southwestern’s General Requirements for Interconnection. The party requesting interconnection is responsible for all costs incurred by Southwestern associated with the proposed interconnection, including costs associated with study and initial planning, environmental review, detailed design, and construction. Funds for such costs must be provided to Southwestern by the party requesting interconnection prior to any work being performed by Southwestern. Any advanced funds not expended by Southwestern are returned to the party requesting interconnection once all work associated with the interconnection is completed. Southwestern will generally require ownership of all facilities associated with interconnections that form an integral part of Southwestern’s transmission system or affect the reliability of Southwestern’s system.

Direct interconnections do not guarantee transmission capacity on Southwestern’s transmission system. All transmission service requests for the delivery of non-Federal power and energy over Southwestern’s transmission system must be made through the Southwest Power Pool, Inc.

For more detailed information on Southwestern’s study, planning, National Environmental Policy Act, design, and construction requirements applicable to proposed interconnections please refer to Southwestern’s General Requirements for Interconnection.