The Office of Information Policy at the U.S. Department of Justice is responsible for ensuring that Federal agencies meet their FOIA obligations and also provides guidance to the general public on FOIA in general and how to contact a Federal agency with a FOIA request. See for more information.

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Bonneville Power Administration FOIA Program

Department of Energy FOIA Program

Southeastern Power Administration FOIA Program

Western Area Power Administration FOIA Program


Rosa Gonzalez-Smith
Phone: 918-595-6605

SWPA FOIA Public Liaison
Joshua Williams
Phone: 918-595-6609

SWPA Privacy Act Officer
Lona Smith
Phone: 918-595-6649

Mailing Address: 
Southwestern Power Administration
One West Third Street, Suite 1500
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103
Phone: 918-595-6600
Fax: 918-595-6755

Email Contact: