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Savannah River Site Public Tours
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

Welcome to the Savannah River Site! Whether you’re planning to visit us or just collect information from this web site, this virtual tour is designed to provide basic information about SRS and its major areas, as well as some past, present and future activities.

General Information About SRS
The Savannah River Site (SRS) is a key Department of Energy (DOE) industrial complex responsible for stewardship of the environment, the enduring nuclear weapons stockpile and nuclear materials. More specifically, SRS processes and stores nuclear materials in support of the national defense and U.S. nuclear non-proliferation efforts. The Site also develops and deploys technologies to improve the environment and treat nuclear and hazardous wastes left from the Cold War.

The SRS complex covers 198,046 acres, or 310 square miles, encompassing parts of Aiken, Barnwell and Allendale counties in South Carolina, bordering the Savannah River.

The Site is owned by the U.S. Department of Energy and managed and operated by Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC, a partnership formed by the Fluor Corporation with Newport News Nuclear and Honeywell. SRNS is responsible for the Site’s nuclear facility operations, Savannah River National Laboratory; environment; safety; health and quality assurance; and all the Site’s administrative functions.

Other Site contractors include:


Things to Know Before You Go
When requesting a tour, please remember that other than the SRS Public Tour Program,

  • Tours must be “mission-related.”
  • Tours are arranged at least four to six weeks in advance
  • All visitors must be at least 18 years old


Groups are expected to provide names, home addresses and Social Security numbers of each visitor in advance, and each visitor must bring 2 forms of identification - one must be a current and valid photo ID (acceptable ID list). Special requests for dates and times are accommodated when possible, but no tours can be given evenings, weekends or holidays.

Prohibited items (contraband)
Some items are not allowed anywhere at SRS. These items are real or simulated firearms and ammunition, stun guns, alcohol beverages, illegal drugs & paraphernalia, explosives, hand-held weapons, knives, chemical irritants, and items prohibited by state and federal law.

Other items are not allowed in fenced security areas. These are copying devices, electronic recording devices, cameras, undeveloped film, radios, cellular telephones, MP3 players, sports watches or pedometers with Bluetooth capability, watches with data ports, pens with recording or scanning devices. Contraband brought to SRS will be confiscated.

What to expect
Tour length varies by tour agenda, but most tours take about three hours. Please allow an additional 30 minutes for the badging process. There are no charges for any SRS tour.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (no flip-flops). Closed-toed, low heeled shoes are required on facility tours. On-site transportation will be provided via climate controlled vehicles, however allowance for local weather should be considered. Please check local weather conditions and forecasts for the day of your visit and plan accordingly.

If the nature of your tour is to be outside, please bring sunscreen and non-aerosol insect repellent.

You should also notify the tour coordinator of any special mobility requirements/handicap restrictions prior to your visit.

Also, please be aware that all packages, briefcases, handbags and vehicles can be inspected at any time. This is for the protection of SRS property and employees.