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Centerra-SRS, a subsidiary of Centerra Group, LLC, is contracted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Operations Office to provide security support services for the 310‐square‐mile Savannah River Site (SRS), a critical Government nuclear facility. The initial contract went into effect on August 23, 1983.

Centerra-SRS is a paramilitary organization that provides total security services, including access control, property protection, law enforcement, criminal investigations, traffic control, canine explosives and drug detection, aviation support, river patrol, alarm equipment monitoring, and a Special Response Team.

Prior to employment, Centerra‐SRS employees go through an extensive background screening. It includes a check of police records, personal references, and verification of background and citizenship. Personnel in security positions establish their qualifications through prior education and/or experience in law enforcement or the military. They must also meet strict medical and physical fitness standards.

Centerra‐SRS maintains a professional training staff to provide basic and specialized security training, physical conditioning, weapons training and qualification, and area‐specific field training. Facilities include classrooms, rifle and pistol ranges, multi‐media learning laboratory, and specialized outdoor training sites.

The administrative support functions are designed to ensure that the critical mission is conducted effectively, safely, and in the most cost‐efficient manner. The Company employs support staff professionals with expertise in performance testing, total quality, safety, environmental management, human resources, compensation and benefits, resource management, logistics, computer systems, accounting, labor relations, and security program planning.

The Centerra-SRS Core Functions of People, Safety, Professional Excellence and Customer Focus are the driving forces of the organization. The diversified capabilities and high standards of professionalism are evident in all personnel and in our wide range of responsibilities.

The corporation is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.


Provide security of our Nation’s nuclear materials and other National security interests while protecting people and property in a safe and cost-effective manner.


We will be recognized as the premier security services provider in the Department of Energy enterprise. Our customer will recognize us as a professional, flexible, responsive, no-nonsense, safe and environmentally conscious organization.


The foundation of the Centerra-SRS organizational culture is its values. People, safety, professional excellence and customer focus are central to our activities and working relationships.

People: The people of Centerra-SRS are our most important resource. The practice of diversity, open communications, mutual respect, and unimpeachable integrity are essential to maintain success.

Safety: We will provide our employees a safe work place protected against environmental and occupational hazards. Environment, safety and health objectives will take precedence over routine operational requirements.

Professional Excellence: We foster professional excellence through employee empowerment and team involvement. We will provide opportunities for professional development and achievement that will improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of our employees.

Customer Focus: Recognizing that our goal is to provide quality service to our internal and external customers, we pledge to:

  • Actively listen to our customer.
  • Do what we say we will do, safely.
  • Promote teamwork in getting the job done.
  • Be responsible stewards of resources.
  • Measure our progress.
  • Be pleasant and professional.
  • Treat our customers with courtesy and respect.
  • Provide a professional finished product.

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