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Site Status as of April 3, 2020

Governor Brian Kemp has issued a statewide shelter in place order for residents of Georgia, effective April 3, 2020.

Savannah River Site (SRS) Leadership and the Infectious Disease Response Team have evaluated this new direction, and due to approximately one-third of the SRS workforce living in Georgia, SRS will transition to Essential Mission Critical Operations effective Friday, April 3, at 5:00pm.

Under the Essential Mission Critical Operations, the only personnel who will report to work include:

  • Personnel executing Mission Essential Functions (MEFs), and 
  • Personnel required to provide the minimum level of the Essential Supporting Activities (ESA) necessary to support the MEFs and Site safety and security.


At SRS, MEFs include:  Tritium operations, safe and secure storage of nuclear materials, maintaining nuclear incident response capabilities and Savannah River National Laboratory security missions.

The new status will result in less than 2500 employees working on Site, with a large population of the remaining workforce teleworking.  Affected employees are receiving additional guidance from their employers.