Photograph of hydroelectric generators in a row inside the dam

Southeastern’s Power Operations employees perform the tasks of declaring, scheduling, dispatching, and accounting for capacity and energy generated at the 22 hydroelectric projects in the agency’s 11-state marketing area. Southeastern has Certified System Operators, meeting the criteria set forth by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

Generation Schedules

Mobile District, Corps of Engineers
Allatoona Dam, Buford Dam, Carters Dam, West Point Dam, Walter F. George Dam, Robert F. Henry Dam, Jim Woodruff Dam, and Millers Ferry Dam
Nashville District, Corps of Engineers
Barkley Dam, Cheatham, Old Hickory Dam, J. Percy Priest Dam, Center Hill Dam, Dale Hollow Dam, Wolf Creek Dam, Laurel Dam
Savannah District, Corps of Engineers
Hartwell Dam, Richard B. Russell Dam, J. Strom Thurmond Dam
Wilmington District, Corps of Engineers
John H. Kerr Dam and Philpott Dam