sCO2 Power Cycles for Waste Heat Applications

Department of Energy

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sCO2 power cycles are scalable for use in industry and aboard naval vessels to efficiently generate electrical power from diverse sources of waste heat.  

Small turbomachinery and high efficiency at low temperatures make the sCO2 cycle an attractive option for generating low-cost electricity from waste heat produced by industrial plants or aboard ships. The cycle represents a promising opportunity to make better use of the heat generated by engines, ovens, turbines, kilns, furnaces, and other process heating equipment.

The sCO2 cycle scales well into smaller sizes from both a performance and economic perspective. This capability makes the technology well suited for use with diverse bottoming cycles and the expanding distributed energy market.

Applications for Waste Heat:

sCO2 power cycles are designed to maximize efficiency with each heat source.


  • Smaller physical footprint
  • Higher efficiency
  • Lower capital costs
  • Affordable distributed power