On the occasion of the ongoing visit of the delegation from the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, led by its president Mr. Jaroslav Kubera, representatives of the CAS and the DOE (hereinafter referred to as “the institutions”) agreed to mark a formal beginning of mutual cooperation in science and technology. In accordance with Article 3.2 of the Agreement between the Czech Republic and the United States of America for Scientific and Technological Cooperation signed at Prague on 6 September 2007, President of the CAS Prof Eva Zažímalová and Director of the DOE Office of Science Dr. Chris Fall signed an Implementing Agreement between the CAS and the DOE for science and technology cooperation in energy and related fields.

By this act, both institutions make a clear statement of the intention to establish and develop ties between their research teams with the view that their cooperation will serve the further development and promotion of energy related research fields. Both institutions have demonstrated strong potential for collaboration in Fusion Energy Sciences, but also in fields related to High Energy Physics, Nuclear Physics, Basic Energy Sciences, Biological and Environmental Research, and Advanced Scientific Computing Research. In the past, both CAS and DOE have produced significant results in these fields, making a promise of future accomplishments that can be achieved by joint projects.

Simultaneously, a Project Annex to the Implementing Agreement between the Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS and the DOE was signed, making it the first concrete research project the two institutions have agreed to collaborate on. It is the beginning of cooperation in fusion physics and related research fields, which aims at the advancement of science and creating the future energy generation by establishing synergies, allowing for exchange of human resources, data, equipment, experiences, skills, capabilities, and by utilization of the Parties’ research facilities.