Weatherization Job Aids

Access the individual job aids at the bottom of this page or download all job aids into one PDF.

Weatherization job aids are step-by-step visual guides created to assist home energy professionals with effective, durable, and safe energy efficiency upgrades. Each guide includes an easy-to-use checklist that can be used to verify installation quality or support skill development of new staff members.

The job aids are organized by areas found in single-family and manufactured homes. These areas include but are not limited to attics, subspaces (e.g., basements or crawlspaces), and the main floors within the home.

How to Use the Job Aids

Each job aid aligns with the Standard Work Specifications (SWS) and one of the 25 Retrofit Installer Badges. You can find this information at the top of each document:

  1. Retrofit Installer Badges Alignment: Located below the title of the job aid. In the example below, the reference is Job Aid for Air Seal Attic Floor Badge.
  2. SWS Alignment: Located below the Retrofit Installer Badges alignment description. In the example below, the SWS reference is Aligns with Standard Work Specifications 3.0101.1.
An annotated example of a job aid.

Single-Family Interactive 3D House

Explore each level of the single-family interactive 3D house to locate relevant job aids of interest. 

The interactive 3D house can be used as a self-guided learning tool by anyone interested in learning more about retrofit strategies of common weatherization measures. Alternatively, the tool can be used by training organizations for a more structured learning experience when paired with a learning activity or trainer-led demonstration.

How to Use the Interactive 3D House

The interactive 3D house links the job aids to various locations in a simulated home. Energy professionals can explore the attic, main level, and subspace within the home to locate job aids where common energy efficiency upgrades are performed. 

Visualization resources such as the interactive 3D house support active learning and career development of the incoming and incumbent workforce and can be used by a variety of audiences to promote high-quality measure installations.

General Navigation

Rotate your camera in the interactive 3D house by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or by clicking and dragging your mouse. If you are using a mobile device (e.g., smartphone or tablet), tap and drag to rotate.

More information button
Access job aids and an example photo by clicking on the circle with an "i" in the middle to access job aids. 
 Circle represents another perspective to view the room from.
Move around the same floor by clicking on a circle on the floor.
Arrow indicating to move to another floor in the house.
Move to another floor in the house by clicking on an up or down arrow.
A graphic of the exterior of a house with three dots.
Move to another nonconsecutive floor by clicking on one of the circles on the exterior of the house (e.g., basement to attic).

Find a Job Aid

All job aids are available in English or Spanish!

Find and download individual job aids based on location in the home or download all job aids into one PDF.


Download all single-family home job aids or individually from the list below.

Single-Family—Main Floor

Download all single-family home job aids or individually from the list below.

Single-Family—Basement or Crawlspace

Download all single-family home job aids or individually from the list below.

Manufactured Home

Download all manufactured home job aids or individually from the list below.


This resource was created by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Simonson Management Services with support from the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program. Please reach out to with any questions or feedback.