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The Department’s approach to safety culture is practicing the attributes in DOE Guide 450.4-1C, Integrated Safety Management System Guide, that focus on improving our leadership, employee engagement, and organizational learning to ultimately achieve excellence in both safety and mission performance.  As a taxpayer, you should know our ultimate safety goal is zero accidents.

DOE recognizes that it is important for all organizations to establish and maintain a positive culture that is at the core of excellent performance. Whether you talk to a safety professional, security specialist, quality engineer, budget analyst, project director, or a senior leader, the DOE safety culture is the organizational DNA alive in our day-to-day work.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry Safety Culture Address to the Department

“Energy Secretary Rick Perry Safety Culture Address to the Department
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Safety and Health

The Department is committed to excellence in health and safety and will demonstrate this commitment by following these principles: operating our facilities and conducting work activities in a manner that protects our employees, the public and the environment; striving to ensure that each DOE employee understands his or her role and responsibility for safety and health; and fostering a Safety Conscious Work environment across all departmental operations.

Questioning, acknowledging performance deficiencies, taking effective corrective actions, stopping when uncertain — these are signposts of strong safety culture — and leading indicators of strong future performance.


Paradoxically, when we slow down and take time to do what it takes to achieve operational excellence, we find that we get done sooner, and with much less complication and rework.

James A. Hutton
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Safety, Security, and Quality, Office of Environmental Management

We are focused on creating an environment where employees not only can, but are encourage to, raise issues including those associated with safety at all levels, without the fear of retaliation or retribution for their actions.

Matthew B. Moury
Co-Chair, DOE Safety Culture Improvement Panel

DOE Leaders Safety Share

DOE Leaders Safety Share Video

DNFSB Safety Culture Public Meeting and Hearing

In his October 7, 2014, comments at the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Safety Culture Public Meeting and hearing, former Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz stated, "The Integrated Safety Management Policy is the foundation of the approach to Safety Culture. That’s not new; that’s been in place, obviously, for a long time. It’s an enduring framework, but we need to continually implement it."

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