These directives contains project management-related orders and guides that allow federal project directors and project teams to comply with applicable laws and regulations while putting in place most effective project management practices that increase probability of project success.

Please see the Project Management Lexicon of Terms for a DOE-recognized list of project management terms and acronyms.




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DOE O 413.3B (Chg 7) (LtdChg) Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets The Order provides DOE and NNSA with program and project management direction for the acquisition of capital assets with the goal of delivering projects within the original performance baseline (PB), cost and schedule, and fully capable of meeting mission performance, safeguards and security, and environmental, safety, and health requirements unless impacted by a directed change. Implements OMB Circulars A-11, A-123 and A-131. Supersedes Chg 5 (MinChg), dated 4-12-2018. 6/21/2023

DOE G 413.3-1

Managing Design and Construction Using Systems Engineering

This Guide provides the Department of Energy's federal project directors with the methodologies and tools needed to plan, implement and complete assigned projects using a Systems Engineering approach in accordance with the requirements of DOE O 413.3A.


DOE G 413.3-2

Quality Assurance Guide for Project Management

This Guide provides acceptable approaches for implementing the Quality Assurance requirements and criteria of DOE O 413.3A related to the development and implementation of a Quality Assurance Program for the project.


DOE G 413.3-3A

Safeguards and Security for Program and Project Management

The Guide provides a methodology for implementing the safeguards and security requirements of DOE O 413.3B.


DOE G 413.3-4A

Technology Readiness Assessment

The Guide assists individuals and teams involved in conducting Technology Readiness Assessments (TRAs) and developing Technology Maturation Plans (TMPs) for the DOE capital asset projects subject to DOE O 413.3B.


DOE G 413.3-5A

Performance Baseline

This Guide identifies key PB elements, development processes, and practices; describes the context in which DOE PB development occurs; and suggests ways of addressing the critical elements in PB development.


DOE G 413.3-6A

High Performance Sustainable Building

This Guide provides approaches for implementing the High Performance Sustainable Building (HPSB) requirements of DOE Order 413.3B, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets.


DOE G 413.3-7A Chg2

Risk Management Guide

The purpose of this guide is to describe effective risk management processes. The continuous and iterative process includes updating project risk documents and the risk management plan and emphasizes implementation communication of the risks and actions taken. 


DOE G 413.3-9A

Project Review Guide for Capital Asset Projects

This Guide is a tool for federal project directors (FPDs), integrated project teams and federal program managers in planning and executing project reviews outlined in DOE O 413.3B. It addresses the reviews that are conducted from outside the project team during the lifecycle of a project based on the critical decision (CD) milestones, complexity, and duration of a project.


DOE G 413.3-10B

Integrated Project Management Using the Earned Value Management System

This guide provides information for improving the integration of the Earned Value Management System (EVMS) with project management planning, execution, and control processes. It also reviews U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) interpretation, application, and implementation of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) industry standard, EIA-748, for EVMS compliance.


DOE G 413.3-12

Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) (Spreadsheet)

This Guide assists individuals and teams involved in conducting assessments of project definition (i.e., how well front-end planning has been conducted to define project scope) using a numerical project management tool developed by the Construction Industry Institute (CII), tailored for DOE use. Called the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI), the PDRI is a simple but powerful tool that facilitates the measurement of the degree of scope definition for completeness for traditional construction projects, both nuclear and non-nuclear.


DOE G 413.3-13

Acquisition Strategy for Capital Asset Projects

This Guide serves as a tool for federal project directors (FPDs) and the Integrated Project Team (IPT) for developing a project acquisition strategy document. The DOE O 413.3A requires the development and approval of the acquisition strategy for projects with total project cost (TPC) of $20M or greater, as part of the Critical Decision-1 (CD-1).


DOE G 413.3-15A

Project Execution Plans

The scope of this guide includes basic aspects of the development and maintenance of the plan for projects of any size and complexity for the benefit of the federal project director, who is approved by the acquisition executive, and incorporates contractor input as appropriate. Integrated project teams, program managers (if applicable), program offices, acquisition executives, and contractor project managers can also benefit from the suggestions in this guide.


DOE G 413.3-16A

Project Transition/Closeout (CD-4)

The guide provides nonmandatory approaches for implementing the requirements of DOE O 413.3B.


DOE G 413.3-17

Mission Need Statement

The guide supports DOE O 413.3A, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets, dated 7-28-06, by providing suggested content, definitions, and examples for writing a clear statement to support an acquisition executive's decision to initiate exploration of options to fulfill a capability gap, which may include a capital asset acquisition.


DOE G 413.3-18A

Integrated Project Team Guide for Formation and Implementation

The guide provides detailed guidance of the preferred processes to form and implement an Integrated Project Team (IPT) in support of proper project execution as prescribed in DOE O 413.3B.


DOE G 413.3-19, Chg 2

Staffing Guide for Project Management

This Guide provides an approach to determining the appropriate level and type of federal personnel needed to effectively plan, direct, and oversee project execution.


DOE G 413.3-20

Change Control Management

The Guide provides a suggested approach and uniform guidance for managing project and contract changes through applying the requirements of DOE O 413.3B.


DOE G 413.3-21A

Cost Estimating Guide (less rolling in sections from and cancelling DOE G 430.1-1)

This Guide provides uniform guidance and best practices that describe the methods and procedures that could be used in all programs and projects at DOE for preparing cost estimates.


DOE G 413.3-22 Analysis of Alternatives Guide This Guide assists individuals and teams in conducting Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) for capital asset projects and programs consistent with published Government Accountability Office (GAO) best practices. The suggested DOE tailored process uses a systems engineering methodology that integrates requirements analysis based on mission need, identification and analysis of alternatives, risk identification and analysis, and concept exploration in order to evolve a cost effective, preferred alternative to meet a mission need. 6/6/2018
DOE G 413.3-23 Nuclear Facilities Commissioning This guide addresses best practices for planning and executing the commissioning of equipment, components, structures, and systems comprising nuclear facilities. The best practices in this guide come from recent lessons learned from nuclear construction projects. The Department of Energy (DOE) has restarted or started up nearly 200 nuclear facilities since 1992. Projects that follow this non-mandatory guidance will have a thorough, carefully planned process for confirming that nuclear facilities conform to design requirements thus increasing the likelihood that they will perform as intended following the introduction of radioactive materials. 8/30/2019
DOE G 413.3-24 Planning and Scheduling This guide assists project teams by outlining project scheduling principles and best practices in planning and executing capital asset projects to meet the requirements of DOE Order (O) 413.3B, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets. 4/8/2022