The DOE Office of Science held a Roundtable on Foundational Science for Carbon-Neutral Hydrogen Technologies on August 2-5, 2021. The roundtable was organized by the office of Basic Energy Sciences in coordination with the Offices of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, and Nuclear Energy. The goal of the roundtable was to identify the basic science priority research opportunities (PROs) that could enable a carbon-neutral, hydrogen-based energy and chemical infrastructure.

Roundtable participants identified four priority research opportunities to address these scientific and technical challenges and accelerate progress toward the realization of energy-efficient, carbon-neutral cycles for hydrogen processes:

  • Discover and control materials and chemical processes to revolutionize electrolysis systems
  • Manipulate hydrogen interactions to harness the full potential of hydrogen as a fuel
  • Elucidate the structure, evolution, and chemistry of complex interfaces for energy- and atom-efficiency
  • Understand and limit degradation processes to enhance the durability of hydrogen systems