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The “PFAS Strategic Roadmap: DOE Commitments to Action 2022-2025” establishes and details the goals, objectives and steps the Department is taking to address PFAS.   Specifically, DOE commits to:

  • Research current and past uses and known or potential releases of PFAS.
  • Investigate PFAS concentrations in DOE-supplied drinking water and in the environment at DOE sites. 
  • Proactively prevent PFAS from entering air, land, and water at levels that can adversely impact human health and the environment.
  • Clean up PFAS identified contamination to protect human health and ecological systems.
  • Leverage the expertise at DOE National Laboratories to enhance PFAS research.
  • Support inter-agency and cross-sector collaboration to identify and employ promising technologies.
  • Provide clear and credible information to our employees, local communities, and regulators.
  • Engage with stakeholders to help inform an effective Departmental PFAS strategy.

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