The OSDBU maximizes contract opportunities for small businesses while advancing the DOE's mission. 

To execute and support its mission, the OSDBU has developed three Strategic Objectives:

  • Objective 1: Make it easier for small businesses to do business with the DOE.
  • Objective 2: Maximize small business opportunities by cultivating more productive relationships with internal DOE stakeholders.
  • Objective 3: Maximize small business awards and improve socio-economic category performance.

The Strategic Objectives are achieved through use of the following Enabling Activities:

  • OSDBU Staff and Cadre of Small Business Program Managers (SBPMs);
  • Education and Resources;
  • OSDBU Compliance Requirements; and
  • Inreach/Outreach.
OSDBU Mission Flowchart Image


The OSDBU goal is to provide maximum practicable opportunities in the Departments’ acquisitions to all small business concerns. In doing so, the Department will meet/exceed statutory prime small and subcontracting goals. Our Small Business Goaling Reports are tracked and monitored via, an official web site of the federal government.    


O: Open the lines of communication through outreach and training.
S: Serve as small business advocates.
D: Deliver useful information.
B: Build public and private industry relationships.
U: Utilize DOE Programs and best practices.