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It is the policy of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to provide timely information to the public regarding DOE’s upcoming prime and subcontracting opportunities.

Engaging in subcontracting is one approach to getting involved with the agency’s breadth of service and supply requirements. Annually, DOE allocates approximately 80% of its procurement budget to its Facility Management Contractors (FMCs). Firms that are interested in exploring subcontracting with these sites are encouraged to visit our Small Business Points of Contact page to reach the respective Small Business Program Manager. 

  • For learning about upcoming prime contracting opportunities, please visit the DOE Headquarters Acquisition Forecast. *PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FILE IS NOW A SEARCHABLE SPREADSHEET*
  • For upcoming subcontracting opportunities originating from DOE’s FMCs, please visit the Facility Management Forecasts
  • To view a list of DOE contracts with an approaching expiration date, please download the list of expiring contracts. While the government is providing this list of expiring contracts, there is no guarantee that the agency will subsequently issue any solicitation for follow on work or for a follow on contract.