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OHA's Alternative Dispute Resolution Office (ADRO) serves as a resource to all DOE components and contractors to explore efficient and cost-effective means of managing conflicts and resolving disputes, without the formalities and costs of litigation.  ADRO's mission is to promote the use of conflict management and alternative dispute resolution techniques at all levels of the DOE complex. (See the ADR Office Brochure)

ADRO was created as a result of the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1990 (the ADR Act), with the mandate to promote and increase the understanding and use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) within the Department. While the ADR Act focuses on issues already in controversy, ADRO's mandate was expanded to encourage the identification and prevention of potential conflicts throughout the DOE complex. ADR includes a variety of dispute resolution processes (including, but not limited to, conciliation, facilitation, mediation, mini-trials, arbitration, use of the ombudsman, or any combination thereof) that assist people in avoiding more polarizing (and, potentially, more costly) forums such as litigation. To that end, ADRO provides facilitation services and directs DOE's Mediation Program which provides mediation services to resolve workplace disputes DOE complex wide. (See the Mediation Program Brochure)

Secretary Dan Brouillette expressed his support for the use of ADR in DOE activities through the issuance of ADR statements.

For the full statements, please see below.

Secretary Brouillette ADR Statement March 5, 2020


DOE Mediation Program
DOE Mediation Program
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ADR Lunchtime Series - Outreach Activities
ADRO staff engage in various outreach activities within the DOE complex and the greater federal ADR community to promote the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques. 
Field Office Programs for Workplace Disputes

Each field office uses mediation to varying degrees to resolve their workplace disputes. For more information, contact Isabela Ferraz or the...

ADR Resources

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is any technique for resolving disputes without resorting to litigation in either an administrative or...

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Contact Information for ADRO
Contact Information for ADRO
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