A substation yard

Supply Chain reports related to the grid

Ensuring a robust supply chain is critical to a modernized power grid. This is especially true for critical grid components, including transformers and transmission line conductors. As the sources of generation continue to evolve and the demand for energy increases, we need to ensure that we have a modernized grid that is flexible to meet the unique demands of our nation. That is why the Department of Energy is outlined in "America's Strategy to Secure the Supply Chain for a Robust Clean Energy Transition".  

Along with this policy strategy report, OE provided deep dive assessment documents on the electric grid, including transformers and high voltage direct current (HVDC), and on energy storage. OE also recently issued a $18 million Flexible Innovative Transformer Technologies (FITT) Funding Opportunity Announcement. 

OE has also sponsored other reports related to grid component innovations, manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain risk assessments. This includes an analysis of advanced conductors in the Idaho National Lab's Advanced Conductor Scan Report and the Reconductoring Economic and Financial Analysis (REFA) tool that the Lawrence Livermore National Lab developed. In addition, the National Renewable Energy Lab published the "Major Drivers of Long-Term Distribution Transformer Demand" report.