To jump start the modernization of the nation’s aging energy infrastructure, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) invested $4.5 billion in the electric sector — matched by private funding to reach a total of about $9.5 billion — so that Americans could start experiencing the benefits of the future grid sooner. Of the $4.5 billion, $3.4 billion was used to help industry accelerate the deployment of advanced technologies that are now keeping the lights on more reliably and efficiently and reducing costs. The Recovery Act also provided funding for more than 50 smart grid workforce development projects that helped prepare the next generation of workers in the utility and electrical manufacturing industries and six projects that strengthened the capabilities for long-term analysis and planning in the three interconnections serving the lower 48 states. Funding also allowed States to hire new staff and retrain existing employees to ensure they can quickly and effectively review proposed electricity projects, supported the development of interoperability standards, and allowed 47 States, Washington DC, and 43 cities to develop energy assurance plans for natural disasters.

Below are links to some of the case studies generated as part of the ARRA work. As additional case studies are added, links will be added to this page.   

WECC, A Smart Grid Strategy for Assuring Reliability of the Western Grid - May 2011
OG&E, Reducing Peak Demand to Defer Power Plan Construction in Oklahoma - May 2011
NRECA, Helping America's Electric Cooperatives Build a Smart Grid to Streamline Operations and Improve Service - May 2011
EPB, A Smarter Electric Circuit: Electric Power Board of Chattanooga Makes the Switch - May 2011
Con Edison, Bright Lights, Big City: A Smarter Grid in New York - May 2011
Woodruff, Smart Meter Investments Support Rural Economy in Arkansas - July 2011
NASPI, Synchrophasor Technologies for a Better Grid - July 2011
Tri-State, Smarter Meters Help Customers Budget Electric Service Costs - September 2011
City of Naperville, At the Forefront of the Smart Grid: Empowering Consumers in Naperville, Illinois - September 2011
Workforce Training Case Study - September 2011
M2M Communications, Architectural Demand Response Program in California Helps Farmers Reduce Peak Electricity Usage, Operate More Efficiently Year-Round - November 2011
eEnergy Vermont, Vermont Pursues a Statewide Smart Grid Strategy - November 2011
PPL, Building a Smarter Distribution System in Pennsylvania - December 2011
ORU, A "Model-Centric" Approach to Smarter Electric Distribution Systems - December 2011
Battelle, Pacific Northwest - Battelle Smart Grid Demonstration Project 2012 Annual Report
GWP, Glendale, California Municipal Invests in Smart Grid to Enhance Customer Services and Improve Operational Efficiencies - February 2012
CenterPoint, CenterPoint Energy's Smart Grid Solutions Improve Operating Efficiency and Customer Participation - February 2012
TEC - Transforming Electricity Delivery in Florida - March 2012
SVE, Critical peak pricing Lowers Peak Demands and Electric Bills in South Dakota and Minnesota - May 2012
FPL, Smart Grid Solutions Strengthen Electric Reliability and Customer Services in Florida - June 2012
OG&E, Demand Response Defers Investment in New Power Plans in Oklahoma - March 2013
CMP - Smart Meter Investments Yield Positive Results in Maine - January 2014
Tri-State, Smart Meter Investments Benefit Rural Customers in Three Southern States - February 2014
Oncor, Oncor's Pioneering Transmission Dynamic Line Rating Demonstration Lays Foundation for Follow-on Deployments - April 2014
GSOC, Control Center and Data Management Improvements Modernize Bulk Power Operations in Georgia - July 2014
Con Edison, Using Smart rid Technologies to Modernize Distribution Infrastructure in New York - July 2014
Duke Energy, Integrated Smart Grid Provides Wide Range of Benefits in Ohio and the Carolinas - August 2014
Honeywell, Automated Demand Response Benefits California Utilities and Commercial/Industrial Customers - August 2014
IPC, New Forecasting Tools Enhance Wind Energy Integration in Idaho and Oregon - August 2014
PNM, Energy Storage System Firms a Renewable Resource - October 2015
AEP Ohio, Smart Grid Technologies Cut Emissions and Costs in Ohio - October 2015
Battelle, Demonstrating Coordinated Resources in the Pacific Northwest - October 2015
Aquion, Energy Storage with Staying Power - October 2015
Hazle Spindle, Spinning a Solution to Momentary Electric Grid Disturbances - October 2015
NYPA, Improving Efficiency with Dynamic Line Pricing - October 2015
Pecan St., Making Electricity a Value Proposition for the Consumer - October 2015
NSTAR 292, Power to the People: Advanced Meter Reading Supports Consumer Programs - October 2015
LIPA, Improving Security in the Growing Smart Energy Corridor - October 2015
East Penn, East Penn Manufacturing Delivers New Battery Technology for Electrical Grid Support - October 2015
CCET, Harnessing New Generation and Storage Technologies for the Gird - October 2015
KCP&L, Renovating the Grid and Revitalizing a Neighborhood - October 2015
AEP, Battelle, KCP*L, NRECA, Voltage and Power Optimization Saves Energy and Reduces Peak Power - October 2015