The Office of Electricity’s (OE) Grid Systems and Components Division leads national efforts to develop next-generation technologies, tools, and techniques for the electricity delivery system. The division manages research, development, and demonstration programs that modernize the Nation’s electricity delivery system—from hardware components and associated software, to integrated grid systems.

The grid, as we have known it for 100 years, is changing rapidly. These changes introduce new vulnerabilities that today’s technologies, processes, and business models do not address. It is OE’s end-to-end coordinated approach to develop grid systems and components that will guide an intentional transformation to ensure the electricity delivery system is ready for what comes next. Grid Systems and Components is developing advanced systems, devices, components, and materials that are critical to grid modernization.


  • Transformer Resilience and Advanced Components: Accelerates grid modernization by addressing challenges with large power transformers. It also develops systems and components to advance Solid State Power Substations and develops other critical grid equipment, components and materials.
  • Microgrids: Accelerates the modernization of the nation’s electrical infrastructure using microgrids as a core operational element that provides both local and system-wide benefits. 
  • Grid Enhancing Technologies: Includes a family of technologies including dynamic line rating, power-flow control devices, and supporting analytical tools to defer or reduce the need for significant investment in new infrastructure projects and support the integration of renewables by maximizing the capacity of the current infrastructure.   

Division Leadership 

Michael Pesin, OE-10 
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Grid Systems and Components 

Michael Pesin is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Grid Systems and Components Division in DOE’s Office of Electricity. His organization is responsible for the development and management of projects for next-generation electricity delivery technologies and supporting activities to accelerate their introduction to the marketplace. 

Mr. Pesin has over 35 years of experience in the electric utility industry directing development and execution of advanced technology programs. Mr. Pesin is a licensed professional engineer and spent most of his career leading technology organizations at electric utility companies where he led technology strategy development, managed research and development programs, and directed strategic programs and demonstration projects in generation, transmission, distribution, system protection, advanced metering infrastructure, communication networks and cybersecurity, energy storage, microgrids, electric vehicles, transactive energy, and other advanced technologies. 

Prior to joining DOE, Mr. Pesin was also the founder and president of a consulting company working with electric utilities, technology companies, and investors.  He served as a board member at a number of technology organizations, is actively involved with many electric power industry groups, and is a frequent speaker at industry events. 

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