As part of the EVGrid Assist: Accelerating the Transition initiative, the U.S. Department of Energy is launching an educational webinar series to support decision makers who are planning for the future of electrified transportation and integration of those vehicles with an increasingly clean grid.

You are invited to join the first webinar on June 30, from 2:00 – 3:00 pm ET to learn about the importance of vehicle-grid integration (VGI). Register here

Transportation electrification is happening now. Millions of electric vehicles are already on the road, with even more to come over the next decade. Switching to electricity as a vehicle fuel source offers exciting opportunities with numerous economic and environmental benefits but will introduce an array of complex, interdependent challenges and will require increased coordination among stakeholders. Successful integration of vehicles with the electric grid will be essential for reducing emissions, maintaining reliable and resilient electricity, and enabling a seamless charging experience.  

The EVGrid Assist webinar series will provide foundational information on VGI topics for interested stakeholders and decision makers such as utilities, regulators, and charging network providers to ensure:
•    Seamless, cost-effective EV charging aligned with grid capacity
•    Upgrades made in a timely manner to serve transportation electrification loads 
•    Modern rates and markets that enable consumer flexibility and interaction. 

The Importance of Vehicle-Grid Integration webinar will include an overview of federal funding available for EV charging and grid infrastructure, highlight DOE-funded tools that can assist decision making, and outline important factors to successfully integrate vehicles into the grid. The presentation will be followed by an interactive discussion to hear from you on the key challenges facing stakeholders and your vision for the future of electrified transportation.