PP-230-4ITC (FR Notice)Applied 01/05/2009
 ITC (Application) 
 ITC (comments of Midwest ISO) 
 ITC (Supplemental Comments of Midwest ISO) 
 ITC (comments of NYISO) 
 ITC (comments of IESO) 
 ITC (Supplemental Comments of IESO) 
 ITC (Reply to Comments) 
 ITC (Intervention of American Municipal Power and Old Dominion Electric Cooperative) 
 ITC (Response to AMP and Old Dominion) 
 ITC (Intervention of PJM) 
 ITC (Response to PJM) 
 ITC (Response from PJM to Answer of ITC) 
 ITC (PUC Ohio Comments and Intervention 05-26-11) 
 ITC (Intervention of New York Transmission Owners) 
 ITC (Intervention of Pepco Holdings, Inc.) 
 ITC (Intervention of BGE) 
 ITC (Response to NY Transmission Owners) 
 ITC (Response of NY Transmission Owners to Answer of ITC) 
 ITC (Response to BGE, AEP and PEPCO) 
 ITC (Intervention of FirstEnergy Service Co) 
 ITC (Response to FirstEnergy Service Co) 
 ITC (Comments and Intervention of Detroit Edison) 
 ITC (Filing of Operational Protocols - August 9, 2011)


 ITC (Notice of Supplemental Filing) 
 ITC (Petition to Intervene and Request for Comment Period of NYISO 08-17-11) 
 ITC (Comments of BGE on Supplemental Filing 09-23-11) 
 ITC (Supplement Filing  Extension of Comments 09-27-11) 
 ITC (Motion to Intervene on behalf of The Public Util. Comm of Ohio 10-13-11) 
 ITC (Answer to NYISO from MISO and NISO 10-13-11) 
 ITC (Supplement Filing - Extension of Comments 10-21-11) 
 ITC (Comments from NYISO 11-4-11) 
 ITC (Settlement Agreement 11-4-11) 
 ITC (PJM letter filed 12-8-11 in support of Settlement Agreement) 

ITC (Letter from New York Transmission Owners dated 12-12-11)