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Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC)

EAC Mission

The mission of the Electricity Advisory Committee is to provide advice to the U.S. Department of Energy in implementing the Energy Policy Act of 2005, executing the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, and modernizing the nation's electricity delivery infrastructure.



Reports and Memos

EAC Meetings 2019

EAC Meetings 2020

Archived EAC Meetings 2008 – 2018

EAC Goals

The goals of the EAC are to:

  • Advise on electricity policy issues pertaining to the Department of Energy.
  • Review and make recommendations concerning DOE electricity programs and initiatives.
  • Advise DOE on issues related to current and future capacity of the electricity system (generation, transmission and distribution, regionally and nationally).
  • Advise on the coordination between DOE and state and regional officials and the private sector on matters affecting electricity supply, demand and reliability.
  • Advise on the coordination between Federal, State and utility industry authorities required to cope with supply disruption or other emergencies related to electricity generation and distribution.