The Office of Electricity (OE) provides national leadership to ensure that the Nation’s energy delivery system is secure, resilient and reliable. Through research and development, OE develops new technologies to improve the infrastructure that effectively and securely brings electricity into our homes, offices, and factories, and OE also oversees the Federal and state electricity policies and programs that shape electricity system planning and market operations.

Our Mission

A secure and resilient power grid is vital to national security, economic security, and the services Americans rely upon. Working closely with its private and public partners, the Office of Electricity leads the Department’s efforts to ensure that the Nation’s most critical energy infrastructure is secure and resilient. These efforts will strengthen, transform, and improve energy infrastructure so consumers have access to resilient, secure, and clean sources of electricity.

Our Vision

America’s security, economy, and sustained global leadership depend on a secure and resilient power grid. Through a mix of technology and policy solutions and in partnership with the private and public sectors, the Office of Electricity will harness innovation for a stronger, more resilient and reliable North American energy system while maintaining energy independence.

Our Priorities

OE supports strategic national capabilities to prepare for, mitigate and eliminate, respond to, and recover from the many natural and adversarial threats currently facing the U.S. energy sector.

These capabilities are a critical resource for the Nation, advancing the national, economic, and energy security of the United States.

  • OE prioritizes energy and national security assets using a risk-based approach and make strategic investments to ensure energy mission assurance.
  • OE is developing a North American Energy Resilience Model to provide real-time grid data and monitoring of infrastructure components to ensure reliable and resilient energy delivery across multiple energy sectors while considering a range of large-scale, emerging threats.
  • OE is improving grid resilience through research and development of advanced capability technologies, including energy storage, transformers, and advanced sensing capabilities.
  • Grid Modernization Initiative (GMI) is a DOE crosscutting collaborative effort to advance the energy system from fuel to generation to load, including interdependent infrastructures.  The GMI is focused on reliability and resiliency of the energy infrastructure.


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