How to Submit a Privacy Act Request

We ask that PA requesters submit their requests electronically if possible.  Mailed or faxed submissions are also accepted.  Please follow the detailed instructions for all request submission types below.

Individuals may request access to records about themselves held by the NNSA.  Access can be requested by filling out the Privacy Act Request Form.  Please fill out the form and specifically include the following information:

  • A description of the specific records being sought and where they are located
  • The requester's social security number and their date of birth
  • The requester's physical address and email address
  • A good phone number where the requester can be contacted
  • Any additional details which may assist in identifying the records being requested

Note for Authorized Representatives: if you are an authorized representative seeking the records of a person whom you are legally authorized to represent, fill out the same form linked above.  Please provide the information listed above for the person you are representing, as well as your physical address, email address, and a good phone number where you can be contacted.  We do not need an authorized representative's date of birth or social security number.


The individual requesting their records will be asked to provide two (2) forms of identification with the submitted request.

Pursuant to 10 CFR, § 1008.4 (b) (1) and (b) (2), an individual making a request may establish identity by:

  1. Including with the request, if submitted by mail, a photocopy of two identifying documents bearing the individual's name and signature, one of which shall bear the individual's current home or business address and date of birth and one of which must include the individual's photograph.
  2. Appearing at the appropriate DOE Headquarters or Field location during business hours and presenting either of the following:
    • One identifying document bearing the individual’s full name, photograph, and signature; or
    • Two identifying documents bearing the individual’s full name and signature, one of which shall bear their current home or business address and date of birth.
  3. If the individual making the request is unable to produce satisfactory evidence of identity, the individual making the request may be required by the Privacy Act Officer to submit a notarized statement attesting to their identity and their understanding of the criminal penalties provided under section 1001 of title 18 of the United States Code for making false statements to a Government agency and under subsection (i) (3) of the Act for obtaining records under false pretenses.

Note for Authorized Representatives: you will be required to provide the above information both for the person you are representing as well as yourself.  You will also be required to submit proof of your legal authority to represent the individual whose records you are requesting (i.e., a court order, a Power of Attorney, etc.)

Individuals choosing to email their request MUST encrypt their request form using Entrust or password protect their form prior to sending it to  Instructions on how to password protect an Adobe PDF can be found here.

The completed form and approved ID (or the completed notarized form) can be sent through any of the following means:

  1. Email an entrusted or password protected form and ID to: (preferred method)
  2. Via fax to 505-284-7512, Attn: PA Office
  3. Mail to:
       NNSA –OGC FOIA/PA Office
       Attn: PA Office 
       PO Box 5400
       Albuquerque, NM 87185

Any questions regarding the Privacy Act request form can be addressed to the NNSA Privacy Act program at  The program can also be contacted at (866) 747-5994.

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