Due to COVID-19, the NNSA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) program staff are experiencing significant delays in receiving and processing FOIA requests.  We ask that FOIA requesters continue to submit their requests electronically by using the FOIA request form or via e-mail to foiofficer@nnsa.doe.gov.  Submissions are still accepted, but responses will be delayed.

If you cannot submit your request electronically, there are two other options for filing an NNSA FOIA Request. 

  1. Mail your request to:
         NNSA-OGC FOIA Office
         PO Box 5400
         Albuquerque, NM 87185
  2. Send your request by facsimile to (505) 284-7512

Please note:  As mentioned above, we are asking that you send your FOIA request electronically or via e-mail which will ensure a faster response time. 

Information on FOIA fees can be located at the following link. 

Contact the NNSA FOIA Office at (866) 747-5994 or e-mail us at foiofficer@nnsa.doe.gov if you need answers to the following or have additional questions:

  • You would like to know the date this office received your request.
  • You would like to know the estimated completion date of your request.
  • You want to submit any additional information related to your request.

Did you submit your FOIA request to a different DOE site or was your request transferred to a different DOE site?  If yes, contact the appropriate FOIA Office for assistance. 


Preparing FOIA requests can be challenging but we are here to assist you through the process. 


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