Due to COVID-19, the NNSA program staff are experiencing significant delays in receiving and processing PA requests.  We ask that PA requesters continue to submit their requests by mail or fax.  Submissions are still accepted, but responses will be delayed.

In order to process your requests you will need to fill out a Privacy Act DOE F 531 form.  Please fill out all information to the best of your ability, specifically including the following:

  • State what records you are seeking and from which location 
  • Include your social security number and your date of birth
  • Include any/all details that will assist in identifying the records you are requesting

Include your signature, address and/or email address and a good phone number where you can be reached.  This information is important as a Specialist may need to contact you regarding your submission.

In order to verify your identity for this request, please provide one of the following: 

  • notarized copy of the form
  • A copy of your Driver's License
  • A signed copy of a Power of Attorney

The completed form and approved ID (or the completed notarized form) can be sent through either of the following means:

  1. Via fax to 505-284-7512, Attn: PA Office
  2. Mail to:
       NNSA –OGC FOIA/PA Office
       Attn: PA Office 

       PO Box 5400
       Albuquerque, NM 87185
  3. Email to paofficer@nnsa.doe.gov

If you have any questions, please feel free to call at 866-747-5994.  Additional Information is being provided to help you understand your rights under the Privacy Act.

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